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Manatee Tours in FloridaManatees are large, docile, affectionate animals. They have flattened toenails, a prehensile upper lip and large digestive tract. They are vegetarians whose main source of food are grass beds.These mammals, also known as sea cows, typically surface every twenty minutes for air. In keeping with their nickname a male manatee is called a bull, a female is known as a cow and a baby manatee is a calf.

Manatees enjoy warm water, if the water becomes too cold they will move up river which is why Port of the Islands, south of Marco is a favorite place for manatee to frequent and a good place to take a Florida Manatee Tour. The problem which arises is a lack of food for the manatees. Also, if the water becomes too cold their energy level decreases preventing them from going to the Gulf for food. Power plants which warm the waters near them are also popular places for manatees to live.

FL Manatee Tour PhotosManatees have no natural predators. They are an endangered species due to man’s involvement. Red tides cause respiratory infection that has ended in many manatee deaths. Two contributing factors in red tides are an increase in water temperature and water pollution.

Boats also cause manatees a lot of harm. When a boat travels through an area with grass beds, the boat churns up everything destroying the grass beds. Boat propellers are also a danger because they slice up the manatee’s hide and cause infections. In addition, when a manatee collides with a boat it can fracture their ribs and possibly puncture a lung.

Boater education and manatee slow zones have greatly helped the manatee’s survival. What a boater should do in manatee areas is watch for the posted speed zone and sanctuary signs, and obey them. Using a pole, paddle, or trolling motor when in a grass bed area will help to keep them intact.

If you would like to view manatees up close and in the wild follow the links below. >Ask us about your Marco Island – Naples FL manatee tours or share reviews. To feature your FL boat tours, contact us.

Marco Island – Naples SW FL Manatee Tours

Sunshine Fishing Charters Marco Island FL
Sunshine Tours and Charters, Rose Marina, 951 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island FL | 239-642-5415
Sunshine Tours offers the best in Offshore, Back Country and Near Coastal Sightseeing Tours, Manatee Tours, Fishing, and Island Shelling aboard one of our four boats. Since 1984, Sunshine Tours has provide unsurpassed on-the-water experiences for locals and visitors alike. Shared and private fishing and sightseeing charters available.
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Dourble R's Fishing and Tour Company
Double R's Fishing & Tours Co. - 25000 Tamiami Trail East - Port of the Islands, Naples, FL 34114-9602 | 239-642-9779
Explore the natural habitat and wildlife eco-system of the south Florida Everglades. Our two and a half hour eco-nature tour starts in the heart of the Everglades where you will see manatee, then takes us out into the middle of the estuaries of the 10,000 Island to observe the Everglades wildlife.
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Captain Phil DeVille Fishing Charters
Capt. Phil DeVille – 10,000 Islands Backwaters - Everglades National Park Fishing Tours, Naples, FL | 239-293-5480
Share Captain Phil's passion for the Ten Thousand Islands - Florida Everglades charter fishing trips from Port of the Islands. Fish for Snook, Red Fish, Trout, Snapper, Flounder and more from a 17' Mitzi Skiff Flats Boatfish. Over 15 varieties of edible fish and great sport fishing. Up to 189 species of birds may be seen in a single trip. View alligators, crocodiles, osprey, eagles, dolphin, and manatee.
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