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Marco Island Scuba Diving & Snorkeling – Underwater Photography Tips

Marco Island is a great place to learn to scuba dive and a great place to snorkel. There are local dive spots that tick all the boxes when it comes to outstanding wildlife, nice clear water, and gentle, easy conditions.Marco Scuba Diving Schools Share your Marco Island – Naples FL scuba diving reviews or ask us about visiting Marco Island Florida. To feature your business, contact us.

Marco Island – Naples SW FL Scuba Diving

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If you’re already comfortable diving or snorkelling (and anyone who can swim can snorkel with only a little practice) one of the next steps is to figuring out how to record your underwater adventures and share them with other people. This means learning how to take good photos underwater.

First of all, you don’t have to go out and buy a brand new, expensive underwater camera setup, and nor do you have to settle for a cheap disposable camera. The best thing for new underwater shutterbugs to do is get a waterproof plastic housing for their everyday camera. Housings are available to fit most modern digital compacts. Underwater Cameras can deliver amazing results.

Taking photos with a housing might feel clumsy at first, so take some practice shots above the water. When you’re used to adjusting the settings and zooming in and out on dry land, make sure you’ve got a full battery charge and plenty of memory space. It’s time to get wet and take your camera with you.

If the water is really clear, you’ll be able to take medium-distance shots as normal but if it’s even a little murky, you might want to start off with some close-ups. The less water there is between the camera and the subject, the more vivid your colors will be and the clearer the image. Many beginners find that they get their most memorable shots in macro mode.

Shooting macro photos also reduces the need for a flash. On one hand, a flash will help you capture bright colors underwater, but on the other, the light can reflect off particles suspended in the water between you and the subject and come back to hit the lens. This effect is called backscatter. If you’ve ever taken an underwater photo that came out grainy and speckled with white, backscatter is probably responsible.

You can get rid of backscatter by switching off the flash. In shallow water and bright sun you might not need a flash- natural light is often just fine. If the water is deeper or darker, try using an external flash positioned above the camera or off to one side. That will go a long way towards getting rid of backscatter.

The best way to learn underwater photography is by experimentation. Get down there and have some fun, but don’t get too caught up in photography. All divers and snorkelers need to stay alert for hazards whether they’re taking photos or not, and no image is worth getting into danger for. For this link for suggested Underwater Cameras.

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