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Marco Island – Florida Everglades 10,000 Island Eco-Tour

For an unforgettable experience in the Florida Everglades take the family on a nature boat eco-tour with Double R’s Fishing and Tour Company.  Double R’s offers an amazing adventure that will delight, inform and excite every age in your group. The setting is the beautiful Florida Everglades.  The morning was warm and pleasant – no sweaters needed, no bugs were present. Click on any of the photos to enlarge. For advertising information, contact us.

Double R's Fishing and Tour Company
Double R's Fishing & Tours Co. - 25000 Tamiami Trail East - Port of the Islands, Naples, FL 34114-9602 | 239-642-9779
Experience some of the best charter fishing south Florida has to offer. Our captains have 30+ years of experience to help make your Naples / Marco Island fishing trip one to remember. Fishing in an estuary is a unique esperience! You'll fish for Snook, Red Snapper, Drum Tarpon, Trout, Tripletail, Shark, Grouper, or Pompano. These are just a few of the many species in the 10,000 Islands.
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Captain Mike provided insightful stories and history of the Everglades.

Captain Mike. Double R’s Fishing & Tours

Florida Everglades Boat Tours

Captain Mike led us out of harbor and directly into view of a basking Florida Gator. The alligator was the first of our sightings – many of which happened within the first ten minutes of our tour!

Florida Gator, Alligator

Our Everglades Nature Tour departed from Port of the Island Marina. The tour boat is comfortable yet small enough to maneuver the mangrove trails.  Captain Mike is an expert of the Everglades and was quite adept a spotting surfacing manatee. It was not long before the first of several manatee were spotted. Manatee, unlike Dolphin, will not interact with people and will not breach the water.  The gentle mammals rise slowly to sniff some air and then retreat below the surface of the water. Manatee like fresh water and may be found in south Florida waters year round.

One of the things about this Boat Tour that impressed all of us knowledge and care of the Captain and the quietness of the motor on our vessel. The four-stroke Yamaha purred like a kitten and emitted no notable fumes and odor.  We noticed the difference when we smelled a passing boat on a similar mission.

Birdwatching in the Everglades

The Everglades wildlife includes dozens of species of birds and waterfowl. hawk-everglades2015The falcon, eagle, ibis, hawk, egret and dozens of others migrating and resident species may be viewed. We spotted several nesting Osprey. The osprey live here and build large nests in the upper branches of trees and on top of platforms. Osprey nests are the target of hungry raccoon, panther and other predators. The everglades hawks are always on the prowl for an unattended nest.

Dolphin Viewing Adventures

The highlight for most of us on our Everglades Nature Tour was the sensational show put on for us the school of dolphin that we spotted. Captain Mike was first to spot the fin of a dolphin in the distance. He shut down and drifted quietly in and then announced “they are females, there are several of them!” Dolphin. Click to enlarge.Indeed there were several playful dolphin circling and jumping around our boat! While most of the dolphin were 10 – 20 feet from the boat, several came within inches as they seemed to want to interact with us. Captain Mike agreed and said “female dolphin travel is groups and will often interact with humans”. The grace and beauty of this amazing creature was witnessed by all of us,  up close and personal.

What to Bring

Double R’s Fishing and Tours provided just about everything we needed. We suggest bringing along a camera, rain gear (which was not needed), sun block, insect repellent, a hat, sunglasses, snacks and beverages. Double check this list before you get into the boat. Extra camera batteries are good idea also. The Everglades scenery is spectacular and the service professional in every way. Tell them Marco Island Living sent you.

Double R’s Fishing and Tour Company

If you would like to view Florida Wildlife take an Everglades Nature Eco-Tour with Double R’s Fishing and Tour Company. Reach them by telephone or email. Double R’s is a Top TripAdvisor Rated Tour Company in Florida and is fully licensed and insured. Call 239-642-9779 or visit Double R’s Fishing and Tours on the web.

Double R's Fishing and Tour Company
Double R’s Fishing & Tours Co. – 25000 Tamiami Trail East – Port of the Islands, Naples, FL 34114-9602 | 239-642-9779
Explore the natural habitat and wildlife eco-system of the south Florida Everglades. Our two and a half hour eco-nature tour starts in the heart of the Everglades where you will see manatee, then takes us out into the middle of the estuaries of the 10,000 Island to observe the Everglades wildlife.
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